• English Garden

    Enjoy the delightful charm of our English Garden arrangement, radiating with vibrant hues and cheerful blooms. Bursting with the freshness of carnations, daisies, alstroemeria, and stock, it's an ideal choice for birthdays and celebrations alike. Our palette features a harmonious blend of reds, purples, yellows, oranges, pinks, and whites, adding a touch of joy to any occasion.
  • European Garden

    European Garden presents a versatile choice suitable for any occasion. Brimming with an assortment of exquisite potted plants adorned with moss, this arrangement offers a unique touch. Designed to be gifted, the garden comprises plants with varying care needs, making it an ideal option for diverse preferences.
  • Everyday Spring

    The Everyday Spring is an arrangement of our favorite vibrant and seasonal flowers that are perfect for any occasion.
  • 12 of our fresh, beautiful red roses nestled among lush greens and delicate caspia. Call us at (651) 345-5636 for other rose color options.


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