• European Garden

    European Garden presents a versatile choice suitable for any occasion. Brimming with an assortment of exquisite potted plants adorned with moss, this arrangement offers a unique touch. Designed to be gifted, the garden comprises plants with varying care needs, making it an ideal option for diverse preferences.
  • Graceful Memories

    Graceful Memories intertwines the timeless elegance of roses with the serene beauty of hydrangeas, offering a poignant tribute for funerals. At Lake City Floral, we can tailor this unique arrangement with a selection of colors that hold special significance for your beloved.
  • Remembrance Easel

    The Remembrance Easel, also known as a standing spray, tenderly captures the essence of remembrance. Adorned with daises, roses, carnations, and verdant greenery, this elegant arrangement pays tribute to cherished memories during memorial and funeral services.
  • Serene Lilly

    Embrace the comforting presence of the Spathiphyllum, affectionately known as the Peace Lily, an esteemed choice for funeral condolences. Resilient and low-maintenance, it thrives in subdued light. Each order features a delicate basket for presentation.
  • Tranquil Tribute

    The "Tranquil Tribute" is a serene vase arrangement crafted with graceful lilies, tender roses, and thoughtfully selected complementary elements, offering a heartfelt expression of sympathy and remembrance.


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